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Dear Friend;

I was just a regular guy growing up, I struggled to get women, even when I was in University, all my friends had girlfriends except me, I didn’t know how to talk to a woman, I didn’t how to make women laugh, even when I crack a joke, it ends up being dry, nobody laughs.

For the very few (2 – 3) girls I managed to get their phone numbers by luck, I will call, text, whatsapp, do everything possible but I won’t get a response, I was boring  and to top it off, I had a little “John Solo” and i couldn’t perform “One Corner” dance on my woman like a REAL man.

Whenever I see a very beautiful woman, I will freeze… I will be afraid to approach her because of my little “john Solo”

If she talks to me, I will just start stuttering and fidgeting until I embarrass myself like this one time Jennifer my neighbour came into my room to charge her phone, it was drizzling a little that evening, she sat on my bed exposing thigh a bit and giving me green light to perform, but as usual i was not confident enough.

She stood up and walked over to me and next thing I know, I was shaking before I could get myself together… she pulled out my John Solo, i have poured “my milk” already.

Oh boy! The disappointment in her face, she immediately started laughing, I was so ashamed, I wished the ground will just open up and swallow me, she later gisted all her friends and i became the laughing stock on my street. .

Few years later i had to change environment because of the embarrassment.

So, I started looking for a way to learn how to make my John Thomas Bigger and better.

I mean if you ever need a solution for any problem, just ask, there is always someone out there that can help you, I didn’t even care about the shame, i just needed a solution, I know that a lot of products in the market, i asked friends and did a lot of research and every body i went to were saying the same thing, everybody confirmed the “Men’s Combo Pack” was the best natural solution out in the market.

I finally discovered a close-guarded secret that helped my “John Solo” grow fast and also hel me get the most gorgeous girls at all time
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Gosh… thinking about all those times i was suffering in silence and had useless pride, I realize how stupid and amateur I must have looked, please don’t ever be that amateur guy. Just within 2 weeks on constant use of the “Men’s Combo Pack” i got the result i was needed badly.

Since that day i have never looked back, so i decided to start helping people solve the problem.
…and immediately I i got my “John Solo” to a XL level, I started confidently landing hot girls on my bed as often as possible

Seriously, girls came flooding from all angles, I could make any girls leg shake with ecstasy I was getting laid by beautiful women every single day, they would be calling me, texting me like crazy, sending me naughty pictures begging me to bang them.

I became so good at getting women (even better than the guys that taught me) that my friends now refer to me as Accra’s #1 playboy

A lot of people wanted me to teach them how I do this and that’s why I decided to create an ultimate step by step guide that any man in Ghana or Nigeria can use to please any woman on bed.

Would like you to learn my magic trick for getting any girls leg to shake with your big “John Solo” after one corner on her body 100%, no girl can ever say no to this, in fact… with this solution, the girls are actually the ones asking for second wrong. I will show you how.



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Maxman Cream + Mk Oil
The cream is 100% natural and has no side effects, it’s made from: sweet almond oil, chilli, water, marine collagen, osmanthus pure dew, whey protein, Macelignan and hamamelis extract etc.

Making Love to Her Like No Man Has Ever Done
So, she’s turned on for you, she’s been fascinating to bang you all this while and now you ruin it with your weak ass moves? Dude, make that mistake and she’s done with you for life, a lot of guys more handsome and richer than you have been wanting her but she decides to be with you and you screw it all up in under 2 minutes? Don’t be that guy!

I want to show you how to make love like a cat and a tiger combined in 1, how to give her the kind of pleasure she’s never experience her whole life, take her to levels and points no man has ever dared to, make her orgasm and cum so many times her pussy will go into recess when you’re done with, take her on a wild ride that will have her screaming your name all along and when you’re done, she’ll be so addicted to you she can’t even think of anything else, even she’s cooking, she may end up burning the food because she’s still lost in the awe of what you did to her and fascinating when next you’ll pound her like that.

Making Her Truly YOUR WOMAN
Banging a girl is good, banging even random hot women is fun but you know what’s really satisfying and fulfilling? It’s having a real woman in your life who is totally obsessed with you and will never look at another man.

Someone who wants to spend a healthy part of her life with you, who will love you unconditionally in good and bad times.

A woman who loves you wholly from the bottom of her heart and your love her too, I’m talking about your own soulmate. I will show you how to take any woman you like from just being a girlfriend you bang to becoming a partner that’s always there for you sharing in your happiest memories, comforting you in your darkest times.
And so much more I’ve got to teach you my man, I can’t wait to start training you inside my dating program…
Listen, by the time I’m done training you, you’ll go from a wuss who can’t even land the cheap sales girl at that local store in your street to becoming the 5 star general of women landing the hottest, classiest women in your time, I’m going real women (the creme de la creme, the graduates, the business owners, the professionals and working class), not chewing gum street girls.

These girls will be all over you, you don’t need to have money, they don’t need your money, they just want YOU.

All you need to do is to join my training program “Men’s Combo Kit” and change your dating life today…
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Don’t be that 1 minute boy every girl hates, you’re not a chicken.

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Discover how to last 1 – 3 HOURS (yes, 1 – 3 hours) in bed with a woman and give her multiple orgasms in 1 round making her scream your name all through.

My method is completely natural and doesn’t involve you drinking any harmful pills or hard drugs.

Don’t worry about getting tired during the 1 hours marathon sex, you will have even more energy to go more after the first round, it’s only the girl that will be begging you to have mercy on her. My trick will keep you pumped up all through the circle with unlimited energy, I’ve gone a solid 2 hours with a woman, banging her non-stop and at the end, she confessed that’s she’s never be fucked that way before in her entire life, ever since then, she’s been bugging me with calls wanting more, I only bother when I want her.

I’m not a douche bag, I just have the ultimate control because I’M THE MAN and when you learn my tricks, you too will become the man and have ultimate control of any woman.

Again, the best part about my method is that it’s not harmful, you’re not taking any pills or injections,


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