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10 Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks To Try Right Now

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1. Keep makeup remover next to your bed so you have zero excuses not to take off your makeup before you go to sleep. Sleeping with your makeup on can cause breakouts and infections. So on nights when you’re exhausted and can’t imagine standing at the sink for longer than 30 seconds, you’ll be thankful to have this stuff stashed next to your bed. (But really, help your face and reserve this hack for extreme lazy emergencies only.)

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2. Give your feet a pedicure while sleeping by applying vaseline to your tired feet and throwing on a comfortable pair of socks before you go to bed.

3. Don’t have a lip primer? That’s fine. To keep your lipstick on all day, dab a little concealer on your lips before you apply your lipstick.

4. If you have your hair out and you need to be out of the door like yesterday, throw on a turban, head tie or hat to save time on styling your messy hair. It’ll come in handy to keep colourful turbans and scarves on hand to add some colour pop to your outfit.

5. Wipe excess mascara from the applicator using a tissue before applying it, or just place a card above your eyelid to protect your eye-shadow.

6. Apply glittery coats of nail polish onto your already manicured nails to hide growing nails or peel offs.

7. Use a clear colour mascara to shape your growing brows.

8. Highlight your eyes with white eyeliner to make your eyes pop and to make you look more awake than you really are.

9. Your perfume will stay on longer if you apply vaseline to your pulse points before spraying on some perfume.
10. Wanna fight puffiness? Go to sleep. Sleeping propped up on two pillows instead of one can help reduce puffiness by helping drain fluid from your face.



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